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Black Armada

The Guild


The Hellborn

The Elite

The Light Elite - Not What You Thought

The Light Elite are the most powerful people who claim to be allied against evil. They are a sub-section of the Elite as a whole, but they do operate on their own with minimal dependance on the Elite Council.

The Light Elite have their own leaders, but the most influential of the Light Elite, or at least the most well-known, is Serennia. She has done well in her management of the Light Elite, which has gone through its own ups and downs. They have historically sided with Heaven, but recently joined O.A.T.H. Their members have been responsible for various brainwashings and the such, but for now they have relaxed those efforts.

The general duties of the Light Elite includes reception and Public Relations for the Elite and the guidance of teh forces of the Light Elite. Also, they generally dislike most Dark Elite members.

The Dark Elite - Evil Shmeevil

The Dark Elite are the exact opposite of the Light Elite. That is to say the are the most powerful people the claim to be allied against good. They are yet another section of the Elite that operates with minimal dependance on the Elite Council

The Dark Elite have historically and to this day allied themselves agaisnt Heaven. They were among the first to join O.A.T.H. and are among its stronger supporters. They have been at odds with the Light Elite for some time, but have set aside their differences to work together in the Holy War. Their organization is less directly led than the Light Elite and its members are fairly independant.

If you are considered somewhat less than saintly you will be almost immediately redirected to a Dark Elite representative instead of a Light Elite operative. The duties of the Dark Elite are varied, from the adminsitration of Hell to the Grim Reaper to what is sometimes referred to as the patron 'saint' of lawyers.

The Elite Council - And the Odds and Ends

The Elite Council also includes the so-called Grey Elite. Both parties are the core of the Elite and the council comprises the brains of the operation. The Elite Council answers to the Forever Ones directly and are some of the most powerful entities that exist.

The 'Grey Elite' are a group of Elite that are usually quite powerful but they act as watchers and observers. They have taken an oath of non-interference and spend their existence ensuring that things are running smoothly and giving vague guidance, but they can never directly interfere in any situation. Usually, these people have given up full and rich lives and have decided to do something a little less involved. They include the former King of Mecca and one of the most respected individuals that have survived this long.

There are various other groups within the Elite, including the Dreamweavers. These groups help the Elite to run. It should be said that the Elite Council and the other groups in the Elite have taken a position of non-involvement in the Holy War. Only the Dark Elite and the Light Elite actually fought.