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Black Armada

The Guild


The Hellborn

The Guild - An interesting pack of mutts

The Guild was once a large and well known organization of some of the most respected people ever. Their leadears have changed several times, as one would expect with an organization like this, but the manner of changing leaders has gone from simple vote of non-confidence among its council to duels for power, to the full-on ousting through schemes. Needless to say, the council of The Guild has had its hand in all Guild affairs, including choice of leaders and method of replacement.

There was a time when The Guild was led by Lupus Solus. During this time certain events, like the construction of the Barrier surrounding Hell and the age of Montaru the Prophet, caused the Guild to be respected and feared among most people. However, Montaru prophesized that Lupus will create an organization later to come to be known as the Shadow. The Guild's council ousted Lupus and sent him on his way, in an effort to prevent the Shadow's creation. However, the Shadow was created and took close to half of the Guild's forces with it. Since then the Guild, although still known for fierce warriors and top-notch intelligence, has become somewhat weakened.

This weakness asn't affected their resolve or effectiveness. Now, The Guild is more well-known for their training abilities and they have done an excellent job in re-building their forces. They can put up a fight against almost anyone adn succeed.

During the time just prior to the Holy War, The Guild was approached and asked to join O.A.T.H. (Organizations (and Individuals) Against The Holy War). They were apparently not approached in time and actually joined Heaven in fighting the Holy War. Later, they had the sense to switch to O.A.T.H.'s side and is now a member of that growing alliance.

The Guild's history, like so many other organizations, is secreted away. They have not yet consented to this site posting publicly any more information than we have already. Hopefully we will have the information soon.