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Black Armada

The Guild


The Hellborn

Heaven - God is evil incarnate

Heaven has had its fair share of naysayers and more than its fair share of believers. We here would like to debunk Heaven and bring it down to its true level of operation. Heaven is the most evil place in existence.

Heaven has been behind a number of brutal initiatives. From assassinating every male scribe since the start of Heaven's reign to engineering the most powerful wars ever as a means of population control. Don't let the Christians fool you, the recemption and return of Christ is malarky because that has already happened. Every time it does happen millions upon millions of mortals die needlessly.

This time, though, they didn't succeed. At time of this site's construction, there is a war raging on. Heaven set up a Holy War for this lifetime. If it weren't for the efforts of a few who shall remain nameless, the mass genocide would have been a success. It was stopped, though and then Heaven got angry.

Rest assured that Heaven's power will be destroyed and a new order shall come about.

God has his stories that just re-iterate the atrocities that Heaven can bestow. It's generals include the Spider of the Ebon Hand and Raven the dark-winged angel. Spider has abused her power within the infrastructure of Heaven but is still a force to reckon with. Raven is the strongest of the angels.

"To burn in Hell seems a far better predicament than to freeze for eternity in the bowels of Heaven" - Umbra Ops