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Black Armada

The Guild


The Hellborn

The Black Armada - the kit and kaboodle

The leadership of the Black Armada has solely been in the hands of Canfie, the mind of a split soul

Canfie has masterfully engineered the effectiveness of her organization's forces to the peak and maximum. The Black Armada's forces have gone nearly unbeaten in the fields of battle. They are fierce warriors and assassins extraordinaire. They were only beaten by a combined army of 5 of the most powerful and skilled warriors in existence.

The Black Armada then made an alliance to Organizations Against The Holy War (O.A.T.H) to honour the stipulations of the battle. They will always continue to improve themselves to eventually win a battle against those powerful warriors.

The Black Armada is considered one of the "evil" organizations but is in fact a dark organization. The true distinction is that the dark organizations tend to actually be "good" while the classicly "good", or light organizations tend to be "evil".

The Black Armada has had its own sordid past, involving its sister organizations, the Vuquin and the Holy Light. The Black Armada used to wagee a constant cold war against the Holy Light, taking on the Vuquin when necessary. Sources have attributed this concentrated bloodlust to Canfie's resentment of being split from her original self. Canfie has since given up her endeavours in the interest of a unified front against Heaven and its allies, and for a possible future for peace.

Any further information on the Black Armada has been difficult to retrieve. In the interest of remaining mysterious in the face of an era of openness the Black Armada has done its best to destroy as many of its records as possible.