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Black Armada

The Guild


The Hellborn

The Vuquin in all their glory

The leadership of the Vuquin has passed through several hands:

The Vuquin Council

Kamille Icient

The Vuquin Council

Andrew the Protector

Kamille Icient

As can be seen, the Vuquin have had to deal with a lot of change. That's just part of being a Silver Hunter. The Vuquin forces have always been highly adaptable. They hide as well as their counterparts, the Black Armada and have the unshakable faith of their other counterparts, the Holy Light.

The Silver Hunters are mostly known for their mercenary skills, but will be called as a cohesive fighting unit when necessary.

Current alliances with the Vuquin include the Black Armada, the Holy Light, the Shadow, the Guild and the Thieves Guild. These alliances continue to thrive and it is believed that eventually the leaders of the listed organizations and more will aid in bringing about the end of the Holy War.

The Vuquin council used to be a force for its "leaders" to reckon with, but Andrew the Protector whipped them into shape and has since handed control back to Kamille Icient. The council is now a more compliant group and has been helpful in the Vuquin's war efforts.

Kamille is now happy in her life, but will leap into the control of her organization when necessary. Pissing off the Vuquin is a risky endeavour and will surely end in death.