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Black Armada

The Guild


The Hellborn

The Daemon Order - Demons and Daemons and Beasts, Oh my!

The majority of the Hellborn peoples are actually members of this widespread and dangerous organization. The Daemon Order is by and far the largest army in existence, nearly matching Heaven's horde of Angels.

Here's the kicker: Hell is real and the people in it are not evil. The Daemon Order has many among its ranks that lust for power and so they have battles akin to small civil wars within their ranks. Well, they used to, but the Holy War unified them.

The only real reason that the Daemon Order might become thirsty for the blood of their allies was when the Guild joined O.A.T.H. The Guild, being responsible for the erection of the Barrier (a "shield" encompassing and containing those axies which constitute Hell), have become the Daemon Order's most hated enemy. However, the recent alliance has forced them to work together and it appears that their alliance against Heaven may actually cause an alliance between Hell and non-Hell...causing the Barrier to be broken and freedom to become more than just a dream for the Hellborn.

The Daemon Order's ranks are well defined, but exact translations are hard to obtain. If any Hellborn happen upon this site, please e-mail the WebMaster and send him the proper titles. The titles, as per our information, are as follows:

Demonic Beast, Demon, Demon Lord, Demon Master, Daemon, Daemon Lord, Master Daemon, Master Daemon Lord, Grandmaster Daemon, Grandmaster Daemon Lord.

The numbers of beings in each rank are, of course classified. We would publish the names of the leaders of the Daemon Order, but it is unclear who is considered the true leaders of the organization. However, they have ties to Lucy and Lucifer of the Dark Elite and Hades, lord of the Underworld.

The Order of the Ebon Hand - Necromancers are just misunderstood

The Ebon Hand is a complicated organization. For the most part, they chose to remain neutral in most battles, from The War of Genesis to every Holy War. They don't use conventional organizational levels of command. They have two levels: the Ebon Hand and the Withered Fingers. The Ebon Hand are of course the bulk of the organization and the Withered Finges act as its council.

Ther used to be 13 Withered Fingers, but now there are 12 known members. The Spider, a vampire assassin with Necromantic abilities and a knack for mind control software programming has left the ranks of the Withered Fingers and gone to Heaven. She uses Heaven's power basically for vengeance against Kamille Icient. She is extremely dangerous and is likely the true source behind Heaven's army of the walking dead.

Heaven's general, Callis, is considered a new age Necromancer and is in fact quite dead. It is thought that he travelled from the realm of Death with the aid of Spider and has since been instated as the leader of Heaven's forces.

The Ebon Hand, as can be seen, has an immense power for defying Nature. Their own form of Demons include Ghouls, Vampires (mostly non-elf Vampires), the dead and half-dead. The half-dead are possibly the most dangerous creatures ever created by Necromancers. They can be bred with any species, producing a being much more powerful than either half. For instance, a stereotypical Vampire can breed with the dead to produce a half-dead Vampire. This new breed of Vampire could resist sunlight and regenerate quicker than a normal Vampire, but can also move at 10x the speed of a normal dead creature.

The heart of the Ebon Hand sits within the true Necronomicon. This living book of the dead sits in the center of the council chamber of the Withered Fingers. Without this book in existence, no Necromancy would exist outside of Death's own inherent magical abilities and the few Free mages that stumble upon Death's abilities within themselves. Needless to say, the death magic that is Necromancy would be almost non-existent. Some would say that this would be an ideal situation, but Necromancy is sometimes required for victory and so those battles would be lost. Besides, there would not be the Ebon Hand nor any of the creatures (either affiliated with the Ebon Hand or not) that came from death.